Futures advent day 1

It is traditional around this time of year for Perl blogs to publish an advent calendar - a series of 24 short little posts around a common theme.

People have suggested I might write one about Futures, so here goes...

Day 1 - Futures can return values synchronously

You don't in fact have to use a Future for anything asynchronous. A simple synchronous-returning function can use them too.

use Future;

sub sum
   my @numbers = @_;
   my $total = 0;
   $total += $_ for @numbers;
   return Future->new->done( $total );

say "The total is " . sum( 10, 20, 30 )->get;

It may not be immediately obvious currently why you want to do this, but I hope to motivate why over the following 23 posts...

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  1. Fascinating! But where did the "get" method come from?

  2. I'm presuming Future has a get method on it to resolve it?