libtermkey 0.12 + Term::TermKey 0.11

Last week I updated libtermkey to version 0.12, and associated with it, the Perl module wrapper Term::TermKey to version 0.11.

Primary changes are the fact it will now support an abstract mode, where an instance can be constructed not associated with a TTY filehandle. Instead of being read from the filehandle, bytes provided to the library directly by the application.

While I originally wrote this to support someone using the library where the application is already reading in bytes from the TTY by some other mechanism, I did lately find a new use for it. By applying a small string parser to a readline inputrc file, its raw byte sequences can be turned into libtermkey representations instead. I don't quite have an example of this robust enough yet to demonstrate, but hopefully by the next version of Term::TermKey I'll get around to writing one. I have a plan to write a Tickit::Widget::ReadlineAlike, which would go as far as parsing the user's inputrc file to discover all the keybindings to apply.

Also included in 0.12 are plenty of manpage updates, including also an online copy of them rendered into HTML on my website here.