Perl - more Socket

Some of you may have noticed that I'm now maintaining Socket dual-life on CPAN. Recently uploaded is version 1.96, which is an extraction of what was in bleadperl, updated to support building out-of-core on versions of perl back to at least 5.10.0, and some nicely rewritten documentation.

My plans for 1.97 are to neaten up the build system a bit more. Currently it's a rather hastily-written set of support code to handle the dual-life nature of it, so it can build on CPAN outside of core. Once that is in place, it will be much easier to add support for new features.

At this point I'll be starting to take more ideas from around CPAN. What constants or structure handling functions need adding. What socket options are being used in practice? And new protocol families it doesn't yet support - e.g. PF_RFCOMM (Bluetooth)? If anyone has any feature requests, now would be an excellent time to get them to me. :)