Project Updates - Tickit window scrolling, Circle scroll indicators

Some progress on a few of my projects:

Tickit::Window now supports scroll and scrollrect even if the window partly covered by other floating windows. With the expose-after-scroll behaviour turned on (soon to be default in a later version once I know it works nicely), it always returns true, and tries to scroll as many regions of the screen as it can, queueing expose operations for the areas that needed it.

A good example of this working can be seen in the newly-updated Tickit::Widget::Scroller, which now supports a scroll position indicator, a small floating window in the top or bottom right corner.

Another example can be seen as the latest feature in Circle::FE::Term. Scrolling a channel window gives an indicator in the bottom right corner, which also includes a count of new lines of content added since scrolling, if there are any.