No longer thinking about Perl 5.8

This week I got around to rebuilding all my local Perl module packages for the Perl 5.14.1 now in debian testing. Because that replaced the 5.12.4 that was previously running, I've rebuilt that into my homedir with perlbrew.

Added to the 5.10.1 I previously had, that's still one system and two custom installed perls I have. I try to remember to test everything before releasing it to CPAN on all these three.

At this point, I can't really be bothered to look after 5.8 as well, so effectively I'm no longer testing anything on 5.8. I'll still keep an eye on smoke-test results and see if they're passing or failing, and if I see a failure that looks easy to fix I might have a go at it. But no promises now.

If I manage to break anything on 5.8 in a module of mine and anyone actually cares about it, feel free to raise me a bug on rt.cpan.org. But apart from that, I hope I don't have to think too much about 5.8 any more.


  1. I think 5.14.2 is in Debian testing, when I looked the other day.