Perl - Term::Terminfo - version 0.06

I've just uploaded a new version of Term::Terminfo. In brief; this is a small wrapper around the terminfo database, and can be used to enquire about properties of a given terminal. For annoying historic reasons, each of these properties is known by at least two names; its short "capname", a two or three letter code often found in the actual file on disk, and a longer "varname", the name of a variable in the curses C library, which stores its value for the current terminal.

This latest version, 0.06, adds a whole duplicate set of methods - varname accessors. Prior to 0.06, the properties were only accessible using their short capnames.

It's probably best to use the longer varnames anyway. They are more self-documenting, and a little more future-proof against the admittedly-remote possibility of new variables being added in the future.

I'm also planning to support unibilium in a later version. This is a standalone terminfo-parsing library, which is useful for reading terminfo data without linking against the full curses library. This is especially useful when trying to build a replacement for curses...

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