Sleep Sorting with IO::Async and CPS

There's a bit of a silly meme going around lately; an implementation of a sorting algorithm that works by many parallel sleeps. So I thought I'd have a go at it from an IO::Async perspective.
use CPS qw( kpareach );
use IO::Async::Loop;

my $loop = IO::Async::Loop->new;

kpareach( \@ARGV,
sub {
my ( $val, $k ) = @_;
delay => $val,
code => sub { print "$val\n"; goto $k },
sub { $loop->loop_stop },

This produces such output as:
$ perl sleepsort.pl 3 8 4 2 6 5 7 1
It's a little more verbose than I'd like it though. I have been pondering creating a CPS::Async module, which would provide some more simple CPS-like versions of the usual blocking primatives we're used to, like sleep and sysread. Using this new hypothetical module would lead to something looking like:
use CPS qw( kpareach );
use CPS::Async qw( ksleep );

kpareach( \@ARGV,
sub {
my ( $val, $k ) = @_;
ksleep( $val, sub {
print "$val\n";
goto $k;
} );
sub { CPS::Async::stop },

This would be a small wrapper around IO::Async, providing CPS-style functions that turn into method calls on some implied IO::Async::Loop object; similar to for example, the AnyEvent::Impl::IOAsync, which exposes an AnyEvent API using IO::Async.

I have plenty of other projects to keep me amused currently, but I'll sit it on the back burner in case something interesting happens that way...

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