Perl - overload::substr

overload allows an object class to provide methods which Perl should use to implement certain operators, like numerical addition or string concatenation. One operator that overload doesn't allow to be provided, is substr.

overload::substr allows this to be overloaded. This allows objects that behave like a string, to specify to Perl how they will handle the substr operator.
$ cat example.pl 

use strict;
use feature qw( say );

package ExampleString;

use overload::substr;

sub new { return bless [ @_ ]; }

sub _substr
my $self = shift;
my ( $offs, $len, $replace ) = @_;

return sprintf ">> %s between %d and %d <<", $self, $offs, $offs+$len;

package main;

my $str = ExampleString->new( "Hello, world" );

say substr( $str, 2, 5 );

$ perl example.pl
>> ExampleString=ARRAY(0x86dd9c8) between 2 and 7 <<
The module is still in its early days yet, but the basics appear to be working on all Perl versions back to 5.8. I also want to try extending it, so that split() and regexp matches with m// and substitutions with s/// also use the substr operation. The identity that
$1 == substr( $str, $-[1], $+[1] - $-[1] )
is sure to be useful here.

I need a good example to show it off with sometime. I have in mind a string-alike object with real positional cursors, which remember their contextual position even after edits in other parts of the string. But more on that later...

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