General Updates

I have no big specific updates today. Instead, a list of lots of little things I've been working on:
  • IO::Socket::IP now has preliminary non-blocking connect support (version 0.05_003). This isn't quite a perfect solution because of blocking name resolvers, but see also Net::LibAsyncNS below.

  • Created a new CPAN dist, wrapping libasyncns, called Net::LibAsyncNS. This allows a simple way to asynchronise name resolver lookups.

  • Have fixed a few bugs in IO::KQueue, relating to dodgy handling of Perl scalars in the udata field. Some memory leak bugs still exist, but I believe these to be the kernel's fault. See below.

  • Spent some time on Freebsd-hackers@ arguing about kqueue and managing user data pointers. Long story short I believe kqueue API itself is missing a feature, making generic wrapping of it impossible from any high-level language, or properly by C libraries also.

  • Both talks I submitted for LPW2010 were accepted; on the subjects of CPS and IO::Async.

  • Net::Async::HTTP now has SSL support and can stream response body content as it arrives, rather than waiting for the whole response (version 0.08).
That's all for a quick update, but I may write about any or all of these topics in more detail later...